PCB equipments,metal etching machine,chemical etching machine     
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PCB equipments,metal etching machine,chemical etching machine metal etching,chemical etching
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·PCB equipments
·Decoration plate etching
·Embossing dies etching
·Precise etching machine
·Cutting dies etching
·Stamping dies etching
·Signs etching machine
·Irregular object etching
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·Exposure machines
·Etching machines
·PCB Surface Treatment
·Resist Coating machine
·Drying machine
·Develop& Strip machine
·Metal finish machine
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·PCB DES etching line
·FPC DES etching line
·Electroetching machine
·SST etching machine
·Cutting dies etching
·Embossing dies etching
·Precise etching machine
·Stamping dies etching
·Sandblasting machine
Beijing VekeTec Technology Co.,Ltd

 Beijing VekeTec Technology Co.,Ltd specialize in PCB equipments, Metal etching machine& Chemical etching machine. Our Machines factory built 2007, produce FPC/PCB equipment, Precision etching machine, Stainless steel etching machine, Electroetching machine,Embossing dies etching machines, Cutting dies etching machines, Hot Stamping dies etching machine and Signage equipments. And our Machining factory start 1997, Focus on Stainless steel Decoration Materials and

Decoration Engineering, and Signage systems Design, Manufacture and Installation whole services.  Advanced by technology, our products exported to Russia,USA,Europe and many other countries  ... more
PCB equipments,metal etching machine,chemical etching machine
PCB Brush machine
FPC Brush machine
PCB Sandblasting
PCB DES line
FPC DES line
PCB Plating line

PCB PTH line

Resist Coating
Precision exposure
Large exposure
Mirror polishing
Sand blasting
Stainless steel embossing diesetching machine
Flat Embossing Die
Stainless steel Electroetching machine
Electro etching
Stainless steel 花板etching machine
chemical etching
Stamping dies etch
Cutting dies etching machine
Cutting dies etching
Precision chemical etching machine
Precision etching
Vertical Precision etching machine
Vertical precise etch
双面etching machine
Double etching
pcb etching
fpc etching
PCB circuit board PCB circuit board
metal etching
chemical etching
Etched parts Stamping dies
dies etching
stainless steel etching
Embossing dies Decoration plates
Metal crafts
Elevater door
Metal crafts Elevater door
Metal letters
Signage Metal letters

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