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Dry film (working tolerance +/- 0.005mm)
The dry film is a polymer compound, a polymerization reaction can occur by ultraviolet irradiation(UV light) to formation corrosion resist layer on the plate surface This resist can be used in plating or etching works..
photoresist ink (working tolerance +/- 0.01mm)
A kind of UV curing ink.This ink can widely used in precision etching industries, such as PCB, SMT, IC lead, VFD grid, watches, laptop shell, signage and other etching works.
Screen printing ink (working tolerance +/- 0.05mm)

A kind of etching resist ink. Can coating by Screen printing with exposure and developing process with low cost and fast work.

Titanium stripping solution

Can remove the Titanium layer fast without damage of resist.

Ferric Chloride
Ferric Chloride(FeCl3) is a black brown crystalline, powder or thin flakes, strong water absorption, use for normal metals or circuit board etchant. Packing have liquid bottled or solid bags.
Pre coated zinc plate
Pre coated zinc plate
zinc plate with photosensitive coated on positive and orange to yellow corrosion paint on back. Features:
1, Eliminated the traditional plate to making method: plate brushing, glue coating, baking, exposing, developing and baking a long time. This pre coated plate can be directly exposing and developing, works easy and quick.
2, This dedicated plate surface don‘t contain any impurities, the use rate of 100%, to ensure product quality.
PCB circuit board PCB circuit board
Etched parts Stamping dies
Elevater door Decoration plates
Metal crafts Carved panels
Signage Metal letters

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