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VB1000 Baking oven

Hot air cycle baking oven
Working size: 1000x800x1000mm
Drying type: Hot air dry
Working Temp.: 0-250degree
Temp control Tolerance: +/- 2degree
Power: 5KW/380V/50HZ
Outsize: 1300x1100x1300
Weight: 400kg

1, Advanced hot air heating system, specialize for screen printing or high quality exposure works;
2, Hot air cycle system to make the room temperature Uniformly;
3, Over-temperature protection system with visual alarm signal, will cut off the Power Automatic to protect the safety of the equipment;
4, Low-noise fan system to create a quiet working environment;
5, Sealed electric heating tube, stable performance and long life;
6, Smart temperature control instrumentation, sensitive and reliable.

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