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PCB Volcanic ASH plate grinding machine

Conveyor speed: 0.5 to 5m/min(stepless)
Machining size: Max 610X610mm,Min 250X250mm
Machining thickness: 0.2 to 3.2mm
Working Width: 650mm
Grinding Fineness: OD80xID37x650mm .
Water consumption: 8 to 12L/min
Power consumption: 28 to 40KW/H
Control system: PLC or Independent control box

Enter→ Acid washing→ Washing → Brushing→ Volcanic ASH grinding→ Ultrasonic washing→ Washing→ Drying→ Output

(1) nozzles with quick release fan-shaped and wide-angle to get the best working degree,convenience maintenance and effective Washing.
(2) Volcanic ash brush motor have reversing function. This section have independent Spraying cylinder (both stirring); and the surface roughening very uniformly. The water film test time up to 35s!
(3) last section have ultrasound wash and High pressure water washing to remove the burr or dust.

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