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VE1350T Decorative plate etching machine

Etching size: 1250x3000mm
Etching pressure: 1.5 to 3.0kg adjustable
Etching Tolerance: Min line width or line spacing 0.05mm
Working Temp.: 38 to 65℃
Outsize: 5300x2150x1350mm
Control system: Temp control ,Pressure adjust and online filter system.

Etching: 3m(Deep etching 2m,Micro etching 1m)
Washing: 1m

This Decorative plate etching machine can used to etching stainless steel, copper or aluminum whole sheet, (size 4x8' or 5x10') for Etching designs and so on. The Etching bottom flat and white.
The main products are stainless steel panel, elevator car panels, stainless steel imaged decoration plates, huge metal signs and other decorative etched plates.

Elevater door Decoration plates
Metal crafts Carved panels
Signage Metal letters

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