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VPY1000 Water screen coating machine

1, Cabinet body: 1.5MM cold plate bending into, with foot cups, casing spray.
2, Overflow tank: 1.5MM stainless steel plate manufacture, curtain panels 1.0MM stainless steel plate manufacturing.
3, Water cycle: 3 to inch PVC water pipe with a drain valve, ball control valves.
4, Wind power: a centrifugal fan or drum fan, Power1.1KW, centrifugal pipeline pumps a Power1.1KW.
5, Lighting: with control of the electrical boxes and lighting fluorescent tubes.

Pump pumping the water first tank, and flow down along the curtain plate, to form a curtain of water to wash off the paint particles in the spray to the water curtain, and the paint particles Washing nozzle flushing tank, air clean up to cleaning up the environment to ensure a healthy purpose, apply to the metal, plastics, toys, glasses, alloys, etc. spray.
The device is non to standard type of equipment, specifications, materials, configuration, etc. can be the actual requirements of the custom, I provide the design, production, installation and after-ales service.

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